Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (ACR)



Available atMayaro or Woodford Lodge

Options1 Year (full-time or part-time)

This course teaches persons the skills necessary to install, diagnose and repair Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration systems for both commercial and residential buildings. Trainees will be able to run start up systems, test lines to detect leaks and record the readings taken to ensure that the system is functioning satisfactorily.

  • Evidence of completion of Secondary School
  • Level 1 Certificate in a related skill area
  • Relevant work experience

Applicants must also:

  • Be seventeen (17) years or older.
  • Pass an interview.
  • Pass a Drug Test at their cost.

Programme Fee:$8000

Registration Fee:$300

(non refundable)

More Information

Other fees may be applicable dependent on the programme.

Students are required to complete two 3-hour sessions per day, amounting to 30 hours per week a trimester.

All programmes include both theory and practicals.

Graduates will receive an NESC Certificate which allows direct entry into NESC's 2-year Level III Diploma programmes.

1170 Hours

# Subjects Topics
1 Trade Maths
  1. Working With Numbers
  2. Fraction and Decimals
  3. Algebra
  4. Measurement and Conversion
  5. Ratio and Proportion, Graphs and Tables
  6. Introduction to Triangles and Trigonometry
  7. Area, Volume and Capacities
2 Technical Drawing
  1. Scales
  2. Blending of Lines and Curves
  3. Geometric Figures
  4. Isometric Projection
  5. Orthographic Projection
  6. Sketches, Drawing and Prints
3 Technical English
  1. Communication
  2. Report Writing
  3. Resume Writing
  4. J.S.A Preparation
  5. Summary Writing
4 Trade Elective
  1. Workplace Safety
  2. Tools and Instruments
  3. Refrigeration Principles
  4. Pipe Working Skills
  5. Vapour Compression Cycle
  6. Refrigerant and Oil Handling
  7. Spilt Systems
  1. NESC Certificate