Mr. Wayne Bertrand


The organization is fortunate to be led by a Board of Governors comprising representatives of some of the principal organizations in the energy and manufacturing sectors of Trinidad and Tobago.

We remain focused on our original mandate, that is, to promote the advancement of education and training of our human capital in skills and technology, requisite for the needs and development of the energy and industrial sectors. Even as we have held true to this, our primary obligation, we have diligently worked toward promoting the NESC not only locally, but regionally and internationally, and are now a recognized player in the global TVET landscape.

Our students are at the heart of our operations – it is their need for sustainable employment and fruitful careers which shapes our policies and informs our various initiatives. In seeking to fulfil of mandate we strive to provide training that is industry-relevant and produce graduates who can fill the growing demand for skilled labour. We continue to expand our course offerings and establish deeper linkages with appropriate corporate entities, training and accreditation bodies.

Trainees Powered by IndustryWe promote the notion of 'Trainees Powered by Industry' ā€“ ā€œT to the power of Iā€ ā€“ underscoring the symbiotic relationship between the demand for and supply of skills.

Companies which form NESC's Board of Governors

Atlantic LNG
Methanol Holdings Limited
Ministry of Energy
BHP Billiton
PCS Nitrogen
Massy Holdings
Ansa McAl
SM Jaleel