Profile of the NESC

The National Energy Skills Center

The National Energy Skills Center (NESC) is a non-profit institution incorporated on July 15, 1997 with the primary purpose of building the human capital in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. It has its genesis in a Trust Deed between the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (GORTT) and the then Atlantic LNG Company Limited, to address the pressing demand for skilled welders to work on the Atlantic LNG, Train 1 project. It was envisaged then, as the solution to the need for a premier training provider to lead national training initiatives.

From its first Campus at Point Fortin, the NESC now operates several campuses across Trinidad and Tobago. The NESC offers 2-year Diploma Programmes, 1-year Craftsman Programmes and a number of short courses in Drilling Trades; Automotive Services Technician; Heavy Equipment Technician; Instrumentation; Welding; Building Trades; Millwright; Pipefitting and Fabrication as well as Air Conditioning and Refrigeration among other skill areas.

NESC is Registered with the ACTT The NESC is both ISO Certified and ACTT Accredited and its procedures and methods of training delivery are designed to produce highly-skilled persons who can quickly assimilate into the work environment.

The NESC remains proud of the thousands of graduates locally, regionally and internationally who continue to contribute to the economic development of their respective communities and nations.

With a database of thousands of some of the most highly skilled craftsmen available locally, the NESC can be contacted by employers seeking to fill critical technical vacancies.

The NESC falls within the purview of the Ministry of Education, which in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance under the GORTT Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP) allocates funding to NESC projects.