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The MYPART programme seeks to produce disciplined and skilled individuals who can make meaningful contributions to society.

It is a residential three (3) year programme which acts as a form of social intervention and involves Military and Vocational Training. The National Energy Skills Center (NESC) has for many years been actively involved in the MYPART.

In June 2012 the overall administration of the programmes was shifted from the Ministry of National Security to the NESC through the then Ministry or Teritary Education and Skills Training (MTEST).

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Contact MYPART

For more information on MYPART please send and email to ckhan@nesc.edu.tt

MYPART's Objectives

The MYPART programme seeks to address the increasing despondency of youth from diverse backgrounds who are often referred to as "At Risk Youth".

It is geared toward providing a safe, structured and regulated environment in which training, certification and most critically, positive character development can occur.

Phases of MYPART

Successful MYPART Cadets

On successful completion, the Cadet leaves the programme as a Certified Graduate (in his specialist skill area), and a more disciplined individual, having been exposed to areas of personal development, leadership, teamwork and responsibility.

How to Apply

New cycles of the MYPART programme are advertised via the Print media, NESC's Website and Social Media platforms. Those wishing to participate must submit:

  • A completed application form, (obtainable at any of MYPART’s branches or at NESC Headquarters in Point Lisas.)
  • Four (4) passport sized photos
Originals and Copies of:
  • National Identification cards (both applicant and Guardians)
  • Applicant's birth certificate,
  • A behavioral transcript from the last school attended,
  • Applicant’s bank account number, (not parents or guardians)
  • A medical examination report